ACM 3rd International Conference on Information Technology for Social Good (GoodIT 2023)

6-8 September 2023, Lisbon, Portugal


Every meber of the ACM GoodIT community received a Mangifera indica (Mango, Embe) planted in Tanzania that helps compensate the carbon footprint and help local communities to fight poverty.

The tree offers various benefits to both farmers and the natural ecosystems by providing food, income and accommodate other wildlife.

The mango tree is a large and evergreen tree with a dense and spreading crown. It thrives in both the subtropics and the tropics, generally growing best in moderately dry climates. It's grown extensively around the world in tropical regions and frost-free subtropics for its edible fruit. It’s one of the most popular fruits in the world, rich in vitamins A and C; it’s commonly eaten raw but it can be processed into juices, jams, dried slices, canned slices in syrup and puree or paste. The young leaves can also be eaten, cooked as a vegetable. The leaves can be used in traditional medicine, as an infusion in the treatment of asthma and coughs. The bark is astringent, homeostatic and antirheumatic. The bark is the source of a yellowish-brown dye used for silk. The tree is also an important honey plant, secreting large quantities of nectar.

mango tree