ACM 3rd International Conference on Information Technology for Social Good (GoodIT 2023)

6-8 September 2023, Lisbon, Portugal

Factory Lisbon

Conference Program

The conference will take place in cookie2 room.

GoodIT '23: Proceedings of the 2023 ACM Conference on Information Technology for Social Good: LINK

Day 1 - Wednesday 06 September

Time Session
8:30 - 9:00 Registration
9:00-10:00 Welcome session and Opening Keynote (Michela Magas)
10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break
Session 1:
Regular track

Session chair:
Augusto Esteves
- From Ukraine to the World: Using LinkedIn Data to Monitor Professional Migration from Ukraine
Margherita Bertè, Daniela Paolotti, Kyriaki Kalimeri

- Unusual suspects - visualizing unusual relationships of complex social phenomena with climate change
Chiara Ceccarini, Marta Ferreira, Catia Prandi, Nuno Nunes, Valentina Nisi

- [VIDEO] Data Discovery for the SDGs: A Systematic Rule-based Approach
Yuwei Jiang, David Johnson

- Can Gamification Make Driving Styles More Sustainable? A Real-World Pilot Study
Giuliana Vitiello, Andrea Antonio Cantone, Marco Romano, Monica Sebillo, Simone Silvestri

- ūüŹÜ [BEST PAPER AWARD] Leave no Place Behind: Improved Geolocation in Humanitarian Documents
Enrico Belliardo, Kyriaki Kalimeri, Yelena Mejova

- Virtual Assistants for Energy Efficiency: Real World Tryouts
Francisco Santos Fialho, Sabrina Scuri, Lucas Pereira, Nuno Nunes

- Eff-AQI: An Efficient CNN-Based Model for Air Pollution Estimation: A Study Case in India
Sapdo Utomo, Adarsh Rouniyar, Guo Hao Jiang, Chun Hao Chang, Kai Chun Tang, Hsiu-Chun Hsu and Pao-Ann Hsiung
12:30 - 13:30 Lunch Break
Session 2:
Regular track

Session chair:
Marco Furini
- Preventing Muscle Imbalance: A Cost-Effective Solution for Home Exercise
Fabio Salice, Gioele Sassi, Afra Scaglioni, Andrea Masciadri, Sara Comai

- Collaborative Scenario Builder: A VR Co-Design Tool for Medical First Responders
Quynh Nguyen, Daniele Pretolesi, Katja Gallhuber

- Data Decentralisation of LLM-Based Chatbot Systems in Chronic Disease Self-Management
Sara Montagna, Stefano Ferretti, Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein, Antonio Florio, Martino Francesco Pengo

- Fall Detection from UWB Radars: A Comparative Analysis of Deep Learning and Classical Machine Learning Techniques
Thomas Imbeault-Nepton, Julien Ma√ģtre, K√©vin Bouchard and S√©bastien Gaboury

- [VIDEO] Nudging Users or Redesigning Interfaces? Evaluating Novel Strategies for Digital Wellbeing Through inControl
Alberto Monge Roffarello, Luigi De Russis

- Designing for User's Digital Wellbeing: Co-creating Nudges with designers
Reem Al-Mansoori, Dena Al-Thani, Raian Ali, Alhasan Alsammarraie

- Food with Dignity: Public Values in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Mobile Applications
Jeongwon Jo, Jingyi Xie, John M. Carroll
15:30 - 16:00 Coffee Break
Session 3:
Special track on Serious Game

Session chairs:
Ombretta Gaggi
Andrea Franceschini
- Beyond Motivation and Engagement: Students’ Voices on the Use of Game-based Learning in a Bachelor Computer Science Online Degree
Andrea Fiorucci, Matthew Yee-King, Marco Gillies

- A Virtual Reality Application to Make Mathematical Functions Accessible
Ombretta Gaggi, Luca Grosset, Giulio Pante

- Using EEG data as Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment in a serious game about the plastic pollution in the oceans
Thomas Bj√łrner

- Play to Learn: from serious games to just games
Andrea Franceschini, Antonio Rodà
Session 4:
PhD Track

Session chairs:
Ombretta Gaggi
Ana Paula Pereira

Experts panel:
Mikey Goldweber
Thomas Bj√łrner
- Validating Video Games as Complex Artifacts
Mattia Bellini

- Culturaly-Informed Co-design of Interactive Digital Tools with Citizen Science Communities
Tommaso Zambon, Catia Prandi

- Visualizing The Effect Of Frequency And Nature Of Social Media Platforms Usage On Mental Health And Family Functioning From An Ethnographic Point Of View
Bdour Alwuqaysi, Alfie Abdul-Rahman, Rita Borgo

- Impacting Employment Prospects for People With Health Conditions Affecting Cognition Through Codesigned Assistive Technology
Harry Bevan, Tom Owen, Jeremy Tree, Stuart Nicholson
19:00 - 20:30 Welcome Cocktail (Rooftop @Factory)

Day 2 - Thursday 07 September

Time Session
Session 5:
Regular Paper

Session chair:

Anna Förster
- Women and Gender Disparities in Computer Science: A Case Study at the University of Padua
Valentina Fietta, Nicolò Navarin, Merylin Monaro, Ombretta Gaggi

- ‚ÄúIt will surely fall‚ÄĚ: Exploring Teachers' Perspectives on Commercial Robots for Preschoolers
Ewelina Bakala, Ana Cristina Pires, Gonzalo Tejera, Juan Pablo Hourcade

- SDGs Like You Have Never Seen Before!: Co-designing Data Visualization Tools with and for University Students
Chiara Ceccarini, Tommaso Zambon, Nicola De Luigi, Catia Prandi

- Large Scale Automatic Web Accessibility Validation
Nicola Iannuzzi, Marco Manca, Fabio Paterno, Carmen Santoro

- Recognising Diversity in Older Adults' Cybersecurity Needs
Benjamin Morrison, James Nicholson, Lynne Coventry, Pam Briggs

- Examining Safety and Inclusive Interventions on Dating Apps by Adopting Responsible Social Media Guidelines
Kate Sangwon Lee

- Tackling Labour Exploitation in Taiwan Distant Water Fishing Industry through Automated Exploitation Detection System
P Karthikeyan, Yuan-Huai Chang, Jia-Jun Qiu, Chih-Chun Chang and Pao Ann Hsiung
11:00 - 11:30 Coffee Break
Session 6:
WIP track

Session chair:
Lucas Pereira
- ūüŹÜ [BEST WIP AWARD] Game-Driven Practices for Social Skills: Exploring Usability for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Bryan Kim, Ye Chan Kim, Jin Joo Son, Da-Yea Song, Ill Jin Lee, Jae Hyun Han, Doori Kim, Hee Jeong Yoo, Jee-In Kim

- What Does Air Quality Sound Like? On Exploring the impact of Data Sonification Versus Data Visualization
Chiara Ceccarini, Gianni Tumedei, Catia Prandi

- Leafy: Enhancing Home Energy Efficiency through Gamified Experience with a Conversational Smart Mirror
Mathyas Giudici, Pietro Crovari, Franca Garzotto

- MosquitoSongSense: IoT-based mosquito wingbeat data collection system
Myat Su Yin, Dolvara Gunatilaka, Kanpitcha Assawavinijkulchai, Thanawit Thampakorn, Wasin Heesawat, Peter Haddawy, Songpol Eiamsamang, Patchara Sriwichai, Michael Weber

- CliniDigest: A Case Study in Large Language Model Based Large-Scale Summarization of Clinical Trial Descriptions
Renee White, Tristan Peng, Pann Sripitak, Alexander Rosenberg Johansen, Michael Snyder

- A Digital Support for People with Disabilities Entering the Labour Market: Ideation Process and Design Requirements
Lara Piccolo, Bernadette Gruber, Martin Knobel, Laura Stähler

- Designing Human-Robot Collaboration for the Preparation of Personalized Medicines
Luigi Gargioni, Daniela Fogli, Pietro Baroni

- Italian-Chinese Neural Machine Translation: results and lessons learnt
Giovanni Delnevo, Marcus Im, Rita Tse, Chan-Tong Lam, Su-Kit Tang, Paola Salomoni, Giovanni Pau, Vittorio Ghini, Silvia Mirri

- [VIDEO] Litter segmentation with LOTS dataset
Paola Barra, Giosuè Orefice, Alessia Auriemma Citarella, Modesto Fernando Castrillón-Santana, Angelo Ciaramella
13:00 - 14:00 Lunch Break
Session 7:
Special track on BANDIT

Session chair:
Barbara Guidi
- Secure Blockchain-Based Supply Chain Management with Verifiable Digital Twins
Vincenzo Botta, Laura Fusco, Attilio Mondelli, Ivan Visconti

- Universal Basic Income in a Blockchain-Based Community Currency
Sowelu Avanzo, Teodoro Criscione, Julio Linares, Claudio Schifanella

- On Using Twitter to Understand the Stablecoin Terra Collapse
Stefano Ferretti, Marco Furini

- A Platform for the Aggregation of Blockchain-based Services for Municipalities and Smart-cities, Enabling Automatic Conversion based on Saved CO2 Units
Emanuele Antonio Napoli, Valentina Gatteschi

- User migration prediction in blockchain socioeconomic networks using graph neural networks
Cheick Tidiane Ba, Alessia Galdeman, Manuel Dileo, Matteo Zignani, Sabrina Gaito

- The social impact of NFTs in the metaverse economy
Barbara Guidi, Andrea Michienzi

- A new token management system for local communities
Adi Barbara, Flavia Fredda, Claudio Schifanella
16:00 - 16:30 Coffee Break
Session 8:
Special track on BANDIT

Session chair:
Barbara Guidi
- ViSDM 1.0: Vision Sovereignty Data Marketplace a Decentralized Platform for Crowdsourcing Data Collection and Trading
Venkata Satya Sai Ajay Daliparthi, Nurul Momen, Kurt Tutschku, Miguel De Prado

- Competitive and Asynchronous Decentralized Federated Learning with Blockchain Smart Contracts
Eisuke Tomiyama, Hiroshi Esaki, Hideya Ochiai

- Unveiling social aggregation in the Decentraland metaverse platform
Junliang Luo, Simone Casale-Brunet, Barbara Guidi, Marco Mattavelli, Xue Liu

- [VIDEO] Understanding NFT Price Moves through Tweets Keywords Analysis
Junliang Luo, Yongzheng Jia, Xue Liu
Session 9:
Special track on NANO

Session chair:
Claudio Palazzi
- Supporting Smart Farming through Bandwidth Adaptation in Satellite Communications
Armir Bujari, Cristian Coreggioli, Mirko Franco, Salah E. Merzougui, Claudio E. Palazzi, Lasse B. Schmidt

- Cybersecurity Analysis in the UAV Domain: the Practical Approach of the Labyrinth Project
Miguel-√Āngel Fas-Mill√°n, Francesca Soro, Oliver Jung, Abdelkader Shaaban

- Towards User Behavior Forecasting in Mobile Crowdsensing Applications
Luca Bedogni, Matteo Buferli, Davide Marchi
20:00 - 23:00 Gala dinner @ Faz Figura
Rua do Paraíso, 15B, 1100-395 Lisboa

Day 3 - Friday 08 September

Time Session
09:00 - 10:00 Closing Keynote (Daniele Quercia)
10:00 - 10:30 Coffee Break
Session 10:
Regular Track

Session chair:
Pietro Manzoni
- ūüŹÜ [BEST PAPER AWARD in collaboration with MDPI Sensors] Coordinated traffic lights and auction intersection management in a mixed scenario
Filippo Muzzini, Nicola Capodieci, Manuela Montangero

- UWB Hybrid Filtering-Based Mobile IoT Device Tracking
Boliang Zhang, Lu Shen, Jiahua Yao, Su-Kit Tang, Silvia Mirri

- A low-cost TinyML model for Mosquito Detection in Resource-Constrained Environments
Gibson Kimutai, Anna Förster

- A Joint Evaluation Methodology for Service Quality and User Privacy in Location Based Systems
Luca Bedogni, Chiara Franceschini, Federico Montori

- [VIDEO] Towards Spatio-temporal Sea Surface Temperature Forecasting via Dynamic Personalized Graph Network
Gaowei Zhang, Wei Wang, Yi Wang

- [VIDEO] Intelligent and Sustainable Transportation through Multi-Objective Model for the Logistic Route-Order Dispatching System
Vladislav Kashansky, Sara Agha Hossein Kashani, Hai Zhuge, Javier Garcia-Blas, Fabrizio Marozzo

- Leveraging Self-Supervised Learning for Human Activity Recognition with Ambient Sensors
Hui Chen, Charles Gouin-Vallerand, Kévin Bouchard, Sébastien Gaboury, Mélanie Couture, Nathalie Bier, Sylvain Giroux

- [Talk] "SoBigData RI: B5G Infrastructure for Experiments at Large" - A. Bujari
- An Event and Service Mesh Architecture Supporting Service Integration in Society 5.0 enabled Smart Cities
Alessandro Calvio, Andrea Sabbioni, Armir Bujari, Luca Foschini
12:45 - 13:45 Lunch Break
Session 11:
Special track on
Citizen-Centric AI

Session chair:
Pamela Briggs
- Did that AI just Charge me a Fine? Citizens' Perceptions of AI-based Discretion in Public Administration
Saja Aljuneidi, Wilko Heuten, Markus Tepe, Susanne Boll

- [VIDEO] Why We Should Supplement Ethics with Citizenship
Randy Connolly

- The Social Impact of Generative AI: An Analysis on ChatGPT
Maria Teresa Baldassarre, Danilo Caivano, Berenice Fernandez Nieto, Domenico Gigante, Azzurra Ragone

- Exploring the Reflective Space of AI Narratives through Speculative Design in Japan and Germany
Michel Hohendanner, Chiara Ullstein, Yosuke Buchmeier, Jens Grossklags
Session 12:
Special track on Prosocial IDN

Session chair:
Mattia Bellini
- Changing your future? An experimental study on the persuasive effects of an interactive climate change documentary
Renske van Enschot, Karin Fikkers, Judith Prins, Christian Roth

- The 8th Continent: Echoing the Unheard Sounds of Pollution
Bengi Agcal, Aleksandra Dulic

- Designing Stories to Inspire Preschoolers’ Creative, Collaborative Roleplay
Flannery Currin, Kyle Diederich, Luiza Superti Pantoja, Hannah Cargo, Noelle Franzone, Josephine Geiger-Lee, Juan Pablo Hourcade
15:45 - 16:00 Closing and awards